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Mini Modified Pro Style (GN) Tractor- stage 1 Carbon fiber fenders
Our Price: $4,434.85
Our Price: $1,600.00
Stage 1 of our Pro Style chromoly chassis is designed to give a great base to build your pulling platform on. Advanced Chassis's Mini Modified tractors have been proven to be used for anything from 1000 hp carbureted to 3000hp blown Grand National power plants.

Introducing our brand new second generation carbon fiber fenders for mini rods. They come with a gel coat and can be made to your color of choice for an additional small fee. They're finished to a point at which they don't require paint prior to wrapping. Weight: 7 lbs. each without being trimmed

Sold as a pair bare or with a kit. Included in the kit; wing, spill plates, front mounts, fill panel and hardware. (call the shop to schedule to have them installed)

****Shipping additional

Bodrag Mini Modified Pro Style (GN) Tractor- stage 3
Our Price: $595.00
Our Price: $20,410.53
We have been building these things for 30 years and have evolved them into a very efficient work piece. Whether you have a long driveway or do landscaping you won't find a more versatile tool than this. They can be equipped with a 3 point hitch (set up for quick hitch), or Bobcat attachment, or both. If you are doing driveways you'll want the reversible, and replaceable ripper teeth option to break up the hard pack and give you a consistent material to work with. Nothing could be easier to use, just drop down on float and drive. Our design spreads the loads out far enough that it doesn't drop down in valleys like a box drag, but still has enough pressure to dig in. Standard size is 72 inches wide. Colors to mate with manufacturer standard colors. See picture for options. Call us for more details or information.

This is a custom built piece of equipment. Please allow appropriate lead time for construction.

Must be shipped motor freight - shipping will be charged at actual amount charged to us. Local pick up available.

This pro style chrome-moly chassis is designed to give a great base to build your pulling platform on. It has been proven to be used for anything from 1000 hp carbureted to 3000hp blown Grand National power plants. Stage 3 is a completed rolling chassis and comes assembled. As full service chassis shop, keep in mind that we can finish these entirely (wiring, plumbing, powder coating, etc) if you wish. See Stage 4 for a turn key chassis

-Everything in stages 1 and 2 included

-Small, Medium and Large pre-load bars to adjust the amount of traction. Can also be used to compensate for a track that is pulling to one side or the other.

-Carbon Fiber Fender and wing kit including fenders, wing, mounting, real fill panel, spill plates and hardware

-Steering system including wheel, aluminum disconnect, apex joints, tubing, shanked hardware, CM shafts and steering supports with plastic bushings

-Motor mounting with aluminum mid and front plates (customer supplied engine) -

-Dual engine limiters

-Side shields

- Complete steering system - Grant Steering wheel, quick disconnect, apex sealed joints, steering supports

-Throttle assembly

-Front mounted fuel cell

-Brake pedal assembly

-Strange rear brake kit

-Strange 40 spline gun drilled axle, bearing and stud kit

-Wilwood master cylinders,

-Front Real wheel and tire package

-Rear Real wheel and Cepek tire package (not screwed to beads) - can add drilling rims and installation of rim screws.
-Foot pads (Your choice of style)

-Battery Box

-Carbon fiber switch enclosure

-Assembly of all above items

Your tractor can be placed on 4x8 pallet for shipping. Shipping charges will be based on your delivery location. - some final assembly will be required (wheelie bars, wheels, etc)

Jacking Stud Rockwell 106 Drive Shaft Enclosure - Aluminum
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $225.00
This is a nice little piece to have for jacking your car or truck up safely without scratching up the bottom of your housing. Made to rest in the bottoms of most jack pockets, this little piece will slide into the jack pocket and raise the car perfect every time.
These are direct bolt on driveshaft enclosures for the Rockwell 106 Rearend. Simply pull the pinion support bolts and install the cage. Slide the "can" up your driveshaft, hook up the u-joint and reinstall the can. Saving your butt has never been easier. We make these right here in Antwerp Ohio. We also make enclosures for custom applications.

With an aluminum can and steel base this hybrid saves 5 1/2 lbs. bringing the total weight down to just 8 1/2 lbs.

You've already broken the u-joint, stop the carnage there. Keep your shaft spinning harmlessly in a circle not flailing around tearing everything in sight up.