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Adjustable Seat Back Brace Adjustable Front End Mounting Kit Kirkey Aluminum Pro Street Drag Seats
Advanced Chassis adjustable seat back brace allows you to securely brace your seat to the back seat bar of your roll cage. Nine adjustment positions allows for easy installment to almost any seat. Comes with all necessary brackets and hardware. Some welding required - brackets must be welded onto cage.

Our adjustable front end mounting kit is great for virtually all types of fiberglass front clips. Included in the kit are all brackets and tabs needed to make the braced front end tree for a fiberglass clip.

Included in kit:
4x4 front end glass-in .063" plates. QTY 4
2x4 front end glass-in .063" plates. QTY 2
Adjustable front end mount part A. QTY 2
Adjustable front end mount part B. QTY 2
Adjustable front end mount part C. QTY 3
3/4" x .058 chromoly tubing. 2'
1/2" x .058 chromoly tubing. 5'
3/8" x .058 chromoly tubing. 12'

Kirkey aluminum Pro Street Drag Seats with 18" wide seat.

These Kirkey Pro Street Drag seats are constructed of 0.100 in. thick, 5052 grade aluminum. They feature a unique tubular rolled edge around the headrest, and there's an offset aluminum extrusion around the perimeter of the seat and shoulder harness cutouts. The exterior is TIG welded, and the inside is MIG welded for added strength.

Fiberglass seat (standard) Harwood Aero I Hood Scoop Harwood Aero Pro I Hood Scoop
Fiberglass seat (standard)
Our Price: $180.95
Harwood Aero I Hood Scoop
Our Price: $261.00


These lightweight hand laid composite seats may be used in dragsters, altereds, Mini Modified Tractors or funny cars.

Hand laid fiberglass with an average weight of 4 lbs. They are flexible enough to adjust in width if needed.
20-1/2 in. Wide at Top
23 1/2 in. Tall along Back
17 in. Wide at Bottom Front

Due to oversize box and shipping by itself - additional shipping charges apply.

BASE 37" L x 17.5" W, OVERALL 40.5" L x 12" H, (CLOSED BACK) Base 35" L x 17" W, Overall 48" L x 10.5" H (Open Back) Full Size • Open Back, Trim/fit to windshield.
Harwood Aero Mini 1 Hood Scoop Harwood Aero Mini II Hood Scoop Harwood Aero II Hood Scoop
Harwood Aero II Hood Scoop
Our Price: $261.00
Base 30" L x 14.5" W, Overall 32" L x 8.5" H (Closed Back) Base 28.5" L x 16" W, Overall 31.5" L x 7" H (Closed Back) Base 28" L x 16.5" W, Overall 35" L x 9.5" H (Closed Back)
Harwood Aero Mod I Hood Scoop Harwood Aero III Hood Scoop Harwood Aero Pro III Hood Scoop
Base 40.5" L x 17.5" W, Overall 48" L x 9" H (Closed Back) Base 26" L x 17" W, Overall 35" L x 7" H (Closed Back) Base 37" L x 20" W, Overall 48" L x 10.5" H (Open Back)
Harwood Aero Pro V Hood Scoop Harwood Aero Pro Stock IV Hood Scoop Harwood Aero Pro Mod Hood Scoop
34" Long (Base), 43"L Overall w/Flange, 15 1/2 Wide (Base), 19 1/2 wide w/Flange, 13" Tall, Opening - 7 1/2 x 8 3/4. Base 38.5" L x 16" W, Overall 50" L x 11.75" H (Open Back) Base 37" L x 20" W, Overall 53.75" L x 12.5" (Open Back)
Harwood Tri Aero Hood Scoop Harwood Tri-Aero Mini Hood Scoop Harwood Big O Aero Hood Scoop
Base 39.5" L x 14.5" W, Overall 51" L x 12.5" H (Open Back) Base 31" L x 15" W, Overall 33.5" L x 10.75" H (Closed Back) Base 40" L x 14" W, 12.25" Overall 51" L x 12.5" H (Open Back)
Harwood Aero Force I Hood Scoop '32 Bantam Body Velocity Composites 1967 Camaro Roadster
'32 Bantam Body
Our Price: $950.00
Base 39.5" L x 14" W, 15" Overall 54.75" L x 15"(Open Back)

Our fiberglass '32 Bantam body is made to Advanced Chassis specs. It features a raised windscreen area and steering rod bump outs.

Takes approximately 3 weeks.

Available for local pick up.

Subject to $100 crating charge plus shipping fee (approx. $300.00)- PLEASE NOTE - WE WILL CONTACT YOU AT TIME OF SHIPMENT FOR PAYMENT OF SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES


1967 Camaro Roadster Body Kit available in fiberglass or standard carbon fiber.
Special features:
- One piece main body
- Flat hood
- 38" front overhang
- "SS" grill
Velocity Composites 1963 Corvette Roadster Velocity Composites 2002 Firebird Velocity Composites 1970 Mustang
This is the extremely popular '63 Corvette Roadster body kit used in all the super class racing. Same composite technologies that you see in the 250mph pro mods is built in the '63 Corvette bodies. One of the most popular vehicles in drag racing because of its low profile, yet, feature-rich appearance, the 1998-2002 Firebird body makes a killer platform for a fast doorslammer.
Velocity Composites 1967 Chevy II Velocity Composites 1957 Chevy PM Velocity Composites 1957 Chevy T/S
Special features: two front end styles- P/M legal & T/S legal, aerodynamic P/M design, classic '57 styling, chopped top, aluminum P/M wing pieces included, removable hood, flushed window lips, narrow design for improved airflow, aero lips on front end and rockers for improved downforce. Special features: 7/8 scale, removable hood and decklid, firewall attachment lips, chopped top, flushed window lips.
Velocity Composites 1955 Chevy Velocity Composites 1953 Corvette Velocity Composites 1967 Mustang
Special features: Aerodynamic design, 7/8 scale, reduced size hood and decklid for easy access, flushed window lips, extended front overhang, classic '55 styling. Special features: aerodynamic P/M design, F/C style rolled wheel openings, one piece front end, built in P/M wing, attachment lips for firewall and rear tin, flushed window lips, narrow design for improved airflow. The new '67 Mustang Pro Modi body features classic styling mixed with performance aerodynamics. Additionally, the design includes a one piece front end, molded-in rockers, flushed out windows and a removable decklid. Custom fit/pre-molded composite wings and spill plates are also available. Legal pro modified overhang.
Wheelbase: 114"
Front Tread Width: 52"
Maximum Front Tire Size: 25"
Maximum Rear Tire Size: 36"