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Adjustable Front End Mounting Kit Adjustable Front End Mounting Kit

Our adjustable front end mounting kit is great for virtually all types of fiberglass front clips. Included in the kit are all brackets and tabs needed to make the braced front end tree for a fiberglass clip.

Included in kit:
4x4 front end glass-in .063" plates. QTY 4
2x4 front end glass-in .063" plates. QTY 2
Adjustable front end mount part A. QTY 2
Adjustable front end mount part B. QTY 2
Adjustable front end mount part C. QTY 3
3/4" x .058 chromoly tubing. 2'
1/2" x .058 chromoly tubing. 5'
3/8" x .058 chromoly tubing. 12'

Our Price: $220.00
Removable Dual Chute Mount Removable Dual Chute Mount

Introducing our all new removable dual parachute mount! Based off our long standing removable single chute mounts, we have had numerous customers looking for the same simple design but for their cars that have and/or are needing two parachutes. We incorporated a little bit of our rod style dual chute mount with the easy to remove single mount. All made of chromoly and tig welded, these mounts are the most compact way of installing dual parachutes on your car.

Our Price: $425.00
Extreme Adjustment 4-Link Bracket Extreme Adjustment 4-Link Bracket

Our latest innovation to come out of our doors is our new extreme adjustment 4-link brackets! We came up with this specifically for the racer whose car needs that fine tuning to maneuver their way down the track. Needless to say, we are talking about your on the edge, high horsepower, and small tire race cars. We've designed these brackets with inserts so you can tune the suspension with even more precision. Included in the kit are inserts that allow for 4-link bar changes up to 1/8". With this kit, you will receive 4 brackets and 8 inserts for the brackets, which allows for you to be able to make a 4-link change in smaller increments than ever before, and without really having to mess with pinion angle, and bar length. Grade 8 bolts, nuts, and washers are also included. Kits are available now!

Mild steel kits are $795
Heat Treated kits are $895
Kit w/Chromoly Plates are $995

Our Price: $795.00
Megatron Rear End Housing Megatron Rear End Housing

Introducing our new rear end, the Megatron 9" housing! We've developed a rear end specifically for applications in which multiple tire sizes are run, like radial cars that also jump into the pro mod or 10.5 classes! Now there is no need to swap out rear ends and completely change setups on cars, our Megatron housing works for them all! Compared to many of the leading housing manufacturers, ours are better braced and stronger, as well as priced much more reasonable!

Housing comes as a complete piece with 4-link brackets welded on, all bracing added, and our adjustable shock mounts.
$2,700 for housing with standard housing ends.
$3,000 for housing with floater housing ends if you purchase through AC

Our Price: $2,700.00
4-Link Dragster Backhalves 4-Link Dragster Backhalves

Our kit is designed to be mounted onto an existing hardtail or slip tube dragster. Our backend design is race proven, and extremely strong for any horsepower!

Included in our backhalf package:
~ Made with a bulkhead in front of the 4-link bar for simple installation on most any dragster
~ welded backhalf tubing
~ AC fabricated 9" housing
~ AC anti-roll bars
~ X-Link w/wishbone option
~ Built-in driveshaft loop
~ Made in the USA rod ends w/chromoly option
~ Single or dual parachute bracket
~ Strange, AFCO, and Penske shocks available

This is the first of a series of new developments for the bracket racer, dragster drivers specifically, so keep up with what we have going on!

Our Price: $5,000.00
4-Link Dragsters 4-Link Dragsters

Introducing our redesigned 4-link dragsters! Our 4-link designs have been proving themselves for over 20 years now, and continue to do so today. With an updated look, and more modern features including a new generation dash, an interior glovebox, and compartments for other tools, our new dragsters are ready to take you to the winners circle at the next big money bracket race, National Event, or Divisional race. One thing's for sure, you will be extremely happy that you chose Advanced Chassis to build the newest piece to your sportsman racing operation.

Available as a shorty style, 195" car as well as a standard length, 235-250" car!

**Contact us for more information.**
We can finish your dragster however you want it, from base to complete turnkey ready to go hunt for that big check!

Our Price: $14,750.00
Modern AC 9" Planetary Rear End Modern AC 9" Planetary Rear End

Introducing our new 9" planetary rear end designed for some high horsepower tractor pulling, and other applications too! This rear end has been produced to take the stress of high torque off the drivetrain, and distribute it out through the planetary and to the ground. These housings are designed by Advanced Chassis and the rest of the rear end has been developed through AC and Modern Machine.

Included in this rear end are:
Tig welded housing
Advanced Chassis mounting brackets
Hitch and hitch adjuster assembly
Moser center section (this center section has the most internal webbing)
Brake rotors
Optional brake calipers

Our Price: $16,500.00