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Fuel Cell Rollover Valve Tie down Extenders Spring Loaded Push Bar
Fuel Cell Rollover Valve
Our Price: $39.00
Tie down Extenders
Our Price: $40.00
Spring Loaded Push Bar
Our Price: $99.00
Brand new design out of our shop! Some type of check valve or overflow line is mandatory on the majority of race car classes. Unfortunately , there are not really any pieces that are not bulky, ugly, and in the way. We have come up with a solution for that! Our check valve is designed to be screwed into our overflow bung on a fuel cell, and stays nice and low to the top of the cell. Machined out of high strength aluminum, this piece is a great investment that will not break the bank!

It's hot, you're tired, you just went .001 red in the first round. The last thing you want to do is crawl under that car (through the wheelie bars) to tie it down. We've been there, so we designed these handy tie down extensions to ease the pain. At 36" long they reach most rearend tie downs from the back bumper. They're twisted so you can cross your straps if you choose. Our 18" tie downs for the front are available in twisted or non twisted for a straight pull. Sold per pair

Recently, the implementation of push bar's have helped that task become a lot smoother! One problem with this is getting the race car to move with a solid bar hooked to your tow vehicle. The spring loaded push bar is here to aid that process! Allowing the bar to essentially have some give, it allows for the process of pushing a car to the lanes much easier on not only the driver and crew member, but your golf cart or four wheeler too!

Push Bar Kit Bo Drag Land Leveling System
Push Bar Kit
Our Price: $165.00
Wouldn't it be nice to easily maneuver your car in the pits?  Our generic push bar kit comes supplied with enough tubing to adjust your length from 4ft to 6.5 ft. (standard length)  Comes with brackets and quick pins to attach to your car and your pit vehicle. Need a longer length, choose our long or extra long push bar kit. Our new Bo Drag leveling system has multiple pickup points to allow for more adjustability from digging to finish dragging with a simple chain location change. It is designed to pull behind garden tractors and ATVs, as well as side-by-sides and zero-turn mowers. The lightweight design makes for easy storage too!