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Jesse Webb
City of Residence- Huntertown, Indiana
Profession- Vice Principal, Nelson Snider High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Years Racing- 24
Accomplishments- 2006 Top 10 NTPA Grand National Points Standings

Jason Webb
City of Residence- Bronson, Michigan
Profession- Electrician
Years Racing- 35
Accomplishments- Michigan State Champion, Wolverine Pullers Champion, Runner Up 2017, Multi-Time NTPA Grand National Top 10

Current Race Car- 2014 Advanced Chassis Mini Rod

Engine- 540CI Twin Turbo Keith Black Big Block Chevy w/Brodix SR20 Heads

Transmission- SCS Twin Countershaft Gearbox

Class- State, Regional, Grand National Modified Mini

Sponsors- Advanced Chassis, Stainless Diesel, Oak Prairie Farms, Baker Engineering

Favorite Race Car I've Driven- Current Tractor, Evil Twin Too