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Billet Roll Cage Adapters Spindle-Real Spindle-Golf Cart
Billet Roll Cage Adapters
Our Price: $52.50
Our Price: $52.50
Spindle-Golf Cart
Our Price: $52.50
These billet cage adapters are ideal for those that want to build a cage in a car and then remove it so the body can be separated for the chassis for paint and body work. These are also legal for use on NTPA Mini Modifieds to make removable cages. We use 7/16" bolts to hold these things together so they fit the NTPA spec, but check with your sanctioning body to check for legality in your case. Sold as a pair.
Sold as a pair!

Billet spindle custom made for real racing wheels. Front wheels.

Sold as a Pair!

Billet spindle custom made for Golf Cart. Front wheels.

Sportsman Tractor Front End Plate Foot Pads Mini Modified Spreader Bar
Foot Pads
Our Price: $75.00

Lazer cut out of 3/8" mild steel designed to slide on and weld to advanced chassis sportsman frame rails. Mounting places for both right, and left side rack orientation. Accepts advanced chassis weight brackets. Available in 3 different frame rail center dimensions.

Our laser cut chromoly foot pads are designed to be light weight but are large enough to be comfortable and provide a sturdy platform to rest your feet. Tabs are bendable to fit your application and are simply welded on to the framerail Your choice of logos to customize your mini rod.

Mini Modified Tractor Frame Spreader Bar

This is designed to keep your frame rails from coming in on each other or bowing out. This fits right onto the two master cylinder mounts on the frame rails. Made out of 6061 Aluminum. Available to fit 24" on center frame rails and 21.5" on center.

Throttle Handle- Lightweight Steering J- Mini Modified Spindle Blanks-FS
Steering J- Mini Modified
Our Price: $100.00
Spindle Blanks-FS
Our Price: $105.00

Advanced Chassis's new lightweight aluminum throttle handle weighing in at 5.3 oz. is offset bent for right or left hand application.

Chromoly steering J with column and steering shaft for Mini Rod tractors includes steering bushings

Advanced Chassis spindle blanks for front steer applications. King Pin dimensions are 5.400 inches with a 5/8" bore.
Spindle Blanks-RS Long Travel Throttle A-arms for Mini Modified
Spindle Blanks-RS
Our Price: $105.00
Long Travel Throttle
Our Price: $109.99
A-arms for Mini Modified
Our Price: $140.00
Advanced Chassis spindle blanks for rear steer applications. King Pin dimensions are 5.400 inches with a 5/8" bore. Advanced Chassis long travel throttle for mini rods. Made from 1/2” aircraft aluminum these free up the cage area.

A-arms for Mini Rod tractors. Bolts onto all Advanced Chassis front end assemblies. Sold individually as driver's side and passenger's side.

Mini Modified Tractor Skis Weld-On Mini Modified Tractor Skis Bolt-On for Wedge Frame Throttle assembly for Mini Modified Tractors

Lightweight Slim Style Weld on Mini Modified Tractor Skis with hardware. Sold in pairs

Pair of Slim Style Bolt-on Mini Modified Tractor Skis for Wedge frame Tractors, Bolts up to Advanced Chassis Mini Modified front end. This can be adapted to fit other styles.

Come with:

Pair of Ski Bottoms

Pair of Bolt-On Ski Uppers

4- Grade 8 3/8"-24 x 1" thread bolts

4- 3/8" nylock nuts

8- 3/8" AN washers

6- 5/16"-24 x 1 3/4" thread bolts

6- 5/16" nylock nuts

12- 5/16" AN washers

Throttle assembly using our new lightweight throttle handle for mini modified tractors with cable mounts and adjustable stop. Includes fuel shut off cable mount. Throttle cable not included.

Tractor - Wishbone Kit Hemi Front Motor Mount With Fuel Cell Mount Rockwell 106 Drive Shaft Enclosure - Aluminum
Tractor - Wishbone Kit
Our Price: $194.99

Made of 4130 chromoly to connect hitch load to the frame rails. Also includes hardware to install. Comes as a kit or fully welded. Pictured as kit.

Our integrated front motor mount allows you mount both your motor and your fuel cell on one convenient plate. Pictured mounted in tractor with our coffin fuel tank.
These are direct bolt-on driveshaft enclosures for the Rockwell 106 rear end. Simply pull the pinion support bolts and install the cage. Slide the "can" up your driveshaft, hook up the u-joint and re-install the can. Saving your butt has never been easier!

With an aluminum can and steel base, this hybrid saves 5 1/2 pounds bringing the total weight down to just 8 1/2 pounds.

Pedal Assembly- modular tractors Pro Tractor Spindle Assembly Tractor Spindles Rear Steer applications

Pedal assembly used for mini rods. Comes with adjustable pedal ratio bracketry, mounting hardware, weld inserts for 5/16" right and left hand hardware. (everything shown) Master cylinders and mounting brackets optional. *Size option only applies to Master Cylinder size.*

Pro Style Tractor Spindles, designed to fit our bolt on front end and a-arms. Sold as a pair, left and right side.

Advanced Chassis spindles for rear steer applications. Spindles come centered but can be bought blank or in any location. Please specify in customer comments.

5.400 inner dimension
Soft touch Wheelie Bars Mini Modified Fillable Tractor Front Cross member Driveshaft Enclosure - Tractor
Soft touch Wheelie Bars
Our Price: $399.00
These are our soft touch wheelie bars that are made to give a little on touch down to limit the lift on the rear tire. Since they are 100 % chromoly they still meet all NTPA requirements of being able to lift the tractor with a jack. Pads are adjustable height to fit all tire types. Direct replacements for our chassis. (Other types will require adaptation.)

Advanced Chassis Fillable Mini Modified Tractor Front Cross Member with tow hitch. This will work with Advanced Chassis Frame Rails and will also work with Aluminum Wedge Framed Tractors. The Cross Member is available with or without Tow Hitch pre-Welded on. And also available with or with out Weight Brackets.


Our all aluminum drive shaft enclosure goes from transmission to center section. Both bells come with three locking
pieces of 3/8 threaded rod. One end fits TRB center section, other end fits SCS gearbox.
Optional - one bell welded to center tube. - Please make note in comment section of order.


**Special order bells available for other center sections or transmissions. **

Coffin Style Fuel Tank Mini Modified Front-End Assembly Sportsman Frame Rails
Coffin Style Fuel Tank
Our Price: $788.99
Sportsman Frame Rails
Our Price: $1,940.00

This is our 7.3 gallon front mounted fuel cell for blown Hemi applications for anyone trying to get their weight out front and fire hazard away from the driver. This tank is made from laser cut aluminum pieces to maintain consistency. Key features of this tank are the built in mounting flange, removable cap for cleaning, fully customizable bung size and placement, return fuel diffuser, and drain.

Also available for Aries Motors.

Hemi single point front plate with built in tank flange..$199.00

Complete bolt together front end assembly for Mini Mods. Fits both Advanced Chassis framerails and Wysong aluminum wedge rails. This versatile front end allows you to shear parts off and bolt them back on and/or carry spares that are direct bolt on .


1- Fillable Center Section can be filled with lead shot or molten lead to leave more room for weights. Holds approximately 30# of shot.

1- Tow Hitch- laser cut design with gussets gets tow point out so tractor can be lifted by it without damaging the motor.

1 Pair- A-Arms

1 Pair- Spindles 1" spindle is standard and stocked. All other size- no extra charge but not stocked

1 Pair- Mini Modified Skis- must specify steel or aluminum chassis

1- Billet aluminum Rack & Pinion w/ splined Coupler

1 Pair- Laser cut Weight Brackets with removable fronts to utilize one piece weights and rear attachments to keep them tight on tractor.

1- Set of Tie Rods

Grade 8 and AN hardware included.

Pro Style Version of our Sportsman Frame Rails, they are made of 4130 chromoly tubing & Laser cut rear end mounting plates, designed to bolt up with an Advanced Chassis 106 Rear-end Housing. They are TIG welded together. These can be upgrade to floater framerails.

The floater frame rail is something that we have experimented with the last 2 years with positive results. The floater frame allows the chassis to flex, keeping more of the weight from transferring to the rear wheels.

Chromoly frame rails weigh 19 lbs each.

Due to the large size of these items, they must ship in a separate box and an additional shipping charge applies. No other items may be added into their box.
Pro - Mini Modified Tractor Frame Rails

Mini Modified Tractor Frame Rails

Made of Chromoly and fully tig welded.

The floater frame rail is something that we have experimented with this season with positive results. The floater frame allows the chassis to flex, keeping more of the weight from transferring to the rear wheels

Made to bolt up to Advanced Chassis Tractor Parts:

- Bolt-on Cage

- Rear-End

- Front Center Section

- A-Arms

Frame rails weight 26 lbs each. Call for shipping cost.