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Bracket Wrap Bracket Wrap Bracket Wrap
Bracket Wrap
Our Price: $3.50
Bracket Wrap
Our Price: $4.00
Bracket Wrap
Our Price: $4.50
4-link eye brow 2 1/8" long 4-link eye Brow 3" long 4-link eye brow 4 3/8" long
Bracket Wrap Jacking Stud Pro Jack Mounts
Bracket Wrap
Our Price: $6.00
Jacking Stud
Our Price: $17.25
Pro Jack Mounts
Our Price: $27.50
4-link eye brow 7" long This is a nice little piece to have for jacking your car or truck up safely without scratching up the bottom of your housing. Made to rest in the bottoms of most jack pockets, this little piece will slide into the jack pocket and raise the car perfect every time.

Sold separately...
Sold as a pair!

Add-on Pro Jack mounts for the bottoms of our AC-100 brackets!

Housing Stud Kit- Press In Strange Lg Ford Late Model Housing Ends Strange Lg Ford Early Model Housing Ends

Center Section Housing Stud Kit for 9" housings- Strange press in studs, 3/8"-24 grade 8 Nylocs, 3/8" AN washers

Big Ford(Late) 3/8" 3.150 O.D. Bearing, 1.300" Wide, and tapped 3/8" hole. Sold as pair

Big Ford (early)1/2" 3.150 O.D. Bearing, 1.300" Wide, tapped 1/2" holes. Sold as pair

Fill-Drain-Vent Assembly Strange Symmetrical Housing Ends Track Locator Kit
Fill-Drain-Vent Assembly
Our Price: $132.00
Track Locator Kit
Our Price: $175.00
Kit includes everything shown plus a magnetic drain plug.

3.150 O.D. Bearing, 1.300" Wide, tapped 3/8"-24 holes. Sold as pair

We designed ours to be the best. First, our ends have anti-rotation tabs so the ends can’t twist even when tightening the four link bolt. Then we tig weld them together, add grade eight hardware. We use 1” diameter chromoly tubing and all FK Made In USA chromoly heims. Lastly, we include the correct fully shanked aircraft style bolts to eliminate any slop.
Fill-Drain-Vent Assembly with Doublers New Stamped reinforced 9" housing 9" Ford Fabricated Housing
9" Ford Fabricated Housing
Our Price: $2,750.00
Kit includes everything shown plus a magnetic drain plug. Strange HD Ford 9" housing. 3 1/4" tubes- No mounts or housing ends. Includes fill cap, magnetic drain, and vent.

Information Required:
Tube to tube width
Pinion offset

Lower Crossbar Option: Includes crossbar to stiffen brackets, 2 tiedown loops, and a jacking stud.

Chromoly housings TIG welded construction with internal bulkheads, folded gussets, and 3 1/4" DOM axle tubes. We weld these housings inside and out for maximum strength and durability. Housings come with a billet fill cap and studs installed, vent and drain included too. Customer's regularly use 9.5" ring gears in our product, and have used 10" gears as well! We can supply all the parts to finish your projects, from brackets to brakes, you can count on us to help you complete your project like a pro. We are dealers for SCS GearBox, Strange Engineering, Moser Engineering, Mark Williams, Wilwood, TBM Brakes, and many more high quality companies ready to serve your needs.

Megatron Rear End Housing
Megatron Rear End Housing
Our Price: $2,835.00
Introducing our new rear end, the Megatron 9" housing! We've developed a rear end specifically for applications in which multiple tire sizes are run, like radial cars that also jump into the pro mod or 10.5 classes! Now there is no need to swap out rear ends and completely change setups on cars, our Megatron housing works for them all! Compared to many of the leading housing manufacturers, ours are better braced and stronger, as well as priced much more reasonable!

Housing comes as a complete piece with 4-link brackets welded on, all bracing added, and our adjustable shock mounts.