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Removable transmission crossmember kit Adjustable Mid Plate Mount Engine Limiter- Dual for Mini Rods

This is a do-it-yourself kit to make your transmission crossmember (6c bar) removable. Brackets fit around 1 5/8" tubing. NHRA legal kit for all full bodied dragcars. The kit consists of (4) mounting brackets, (8) 3/8" x 1" 24 grade 8 bolts, (16) 3/8" AN washers, and (8) 3/8" 24 half height nylocks.

If you run a solid driveshaft set-up in your dragster or tractor puller, we would like to introduce you to your new best friend. After years of building hard tail dragsters and Mini Mod tractor pullers, we have found that you can never quite account for the real world when you build something on a jig. We now use these billet midplate mounts that have laser cut "pills" that allow you to raise or lower your midplate .060" of an inch at a time. This allows you to realign your driveshaft after the vehicle is at race weight to account for any sag or flex in the chassis. This saves your couplers from riding in a bind, which in turn lowers the parastic loss from that friction (and saves costly couplers). Kit comes complete with four sets of pills, grade 8 hardware and two billet mounts.

These engine limiter kits are adjustable. Keep your motor and trans from slamming back and forth, destroying valuable drivetrain parts. Mid and front plates are very strong torsionally but offer very little laterally. These engine limiter kits complete the engine mounting in your tractor.

Shown with bars welded. Note kit comes with parts to make bars.
Engine Limiter Kit- dual Big Block Chevy Front Motorplate Big Block Chevy Midplate
Engine Limiter Kit- dual
Our Price: $160.00
Big Block Chevy Midplate
Our Price: $210.00

Dual sided kit locks engine into place to stop the motor from slamming back when the car launches. Helps stop transmission case and bushing damage.

Our motorplates are precision CNC machined from premium 6061-T6 aluminum to exact tolerances for optimum fit and finish. This method of manufacturing is superior to die stamping or water jet cutting, that has grown to be popular by other manufacturers. Proper engine alignment can only be achieved with accurate locating of the engine to the drive train. This is an area that should not be compromised.

Using a motor mounting plates provides increased chassis strength, and allows for easy engine installation and removal. These maybe trimmed to fit your specific application.
11 in. Height
36 in. Wide
1/4 in. Thick
Uses Block to Pump Mounting Location

Proudly made in the USA .

Chevy Mid-plate fits both small block and big block Chevy blocks. This unit is made from 1/4" 6061 aluminum. Comes with built in centerline indicators for easy fabrication.
Chevelle front and midplate kit