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Spring Loaded Wheelie Bar Weld-On End Spring Loaded Competition Eliminator Wheelie Bar 60" Single Strut Wheelie Bar

Advanced Chassis Spring Loaded Wheelie Bar Weld-On Kit, welds-on to wheelie bar upper bars. This is designed to slide into 1 1/8" -.058 Chromoly Tubing and be welded on. Includes CM8L-T rod end (chromolly upgrade available) (sold each)

This bar is used when you need to remove some hook and get up on the tire early. Length depends on class and needs, up to 60" long bars. All components are made in the USA and tig welded by one of our master fabricators in house!

Shown in-sprung.
This style wheelie bar is generally used on dragsters as a precautionary bar more than a tuning aid. All components made in the USA
60" Wheelie Bars Big Bertha Single Strut Wheelie Bar 48" Sprung or Non Sprung Wheelie Bars
60" Wheelie Bars
Our Price: $605.99
Our standard duty 60" wheelie bars are good for four link cars running well into the 8 second range. These are the standard for classes such as Super Gas and Super Street, along with most bracket cars.

Medium Duty 60" Wheelie Bars:
As you start putting a little more power down, it's best to upgrade to the medium duty style for those nearing the low 8 second range, and into the 7's. This raises the tubing from 1.125" .058 to 1.250" .065 and includes the upper X to further strengthen the bars.

Built right here in the USA with all American made components and tig welded by one of our experienced fabricators in house!

Shipping varies depending on width of bars and will be charged accordingly.
The Big Bertha wheelie bar is for the high horsepower cars or dragsters wanting to utilize a single wheelie bar. With two bars on the top tied together, this bar can really handle the horsepower anyone throws at it. Since it has a slider, it is really easy to adjust and lifts high for loading and unloading the car. All components are made in the USA! Our 48" non-sprung wheelie bars are what we consider to be our "safety bar" for testing no bar tuneups. We do not recommend these for people who need wheelie bars on a regular basis.

Our 48" sprung wheelie bars are the most popular wheelie bars for ladder bar applications. Ladder bar cars have unique suspensions that require short throw spring loaded bars to handle all the suspension rotation and the crush of the short instant center. Built from USA made moly and tig welded by our professional fabricators in house!
72" Full Floater Wheelie Bars 96" Pro Modified Wheelie Bars
As you begin to get down into the low 7's, you start to need some better wheelie bars. These wheelie bars are built on "floaters" to eliminate the bind and let the bars follow the track better while taking away the weak point where the bars are welded together.

Tied tops are a must when you begin to dip into the six second range. You need the tops to work together in unison to control the spring in the top of the bars.

These bars come with Wilkins Racing Products wheelie bar wheels!
If you have the amount of torque on the end that many supercharged cars produce, you need to control it. These wheelie bars are overkill for most applications but this style of car needs it. These bars are tied together on the top and down both sides to keep them together when you start applying the power to the ground. All components are made in the USA and tig welded chromoly with FK Chromoly joint and grade eight hardware.

Also included are Wilkins Racing Products wheelie bar wheels!