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Tow hitch- Pro Style AC Tractor Hitch Brackets Hitch Adjuster - Tulip Style "lollipop"
Tow hitch- Pro Style
Our Price: $45.00
AC Tractor Hitch Brackets
Our Price: $69.95

Pro Style Mini Rod tow hitch is laser cut from 1/4" A36 pickeled and oiled structural steel. Our hitch is designed to get past your weights for easy hook up.

Our Advanced Chassis mini rod hitch brackets are lazer cut from 1/4" A36 structural steel and are pickled and oiled. They've been designed to weld onto a 106 sheet metal housing. The brackets are made for a 5/8" bolt to hold the new NTPA legal 1 1/4" thick crown hitch.

Pictured as parts and assembled on 106 housing

Our hitch adjuster for the tulip style or "lollipop" hitch can be used with either the Dana 60 rear end or the 106 rear end. Adjuster is plated and comes with grade 8 hardware. (note nuts for bottom of "U" bolt are not grade 8 and jam nut is not grade 8. All mounting hardware is grade 8.
Hitch Adjuster - Crown Style Hitch - Tulip Style "Lollipop" draw bar  ACT-530 Hitch Bracket Assembly
Hitch Bracket Assembly
Our Price: $125.00
Our hitch adjuster for the crown hitch is designed to be used with our 106 rear end. These work with the NTPA legal crown hitches (5/8" bolt) or with the sportsman hitches (1/2" bolt). Adjuster is plated and comes with grade 8 hardware. (note nuts for bottom of "U" bolt are not grade 8 and jam nut is not grade 8. All mounting hardware is grade 8.

Pictured assembled and as exploded view and mounted on 106 housing with crown hitch

1 1/4" NTPA legal tulip style hitch (lollipop) with radius edges 12" or 20" in length made from mild steel. Also available in 1" mild steel for sportsman pullers in 12" length. 20" length available in 1" thick hitch by special order.

Special orders may take up to 3 weeks.

Our Mini Modified fabricated housing hitch bracket assembly allows you to put a 1 inch tulip style draw bar on 106 fabricated housings. Includes all bracketry and hardware, including NTPA legal hitch adjuster assembly. Parts can be purchased separately.

Crown Hitch Dana 60 Draw Bar Kit Dana 60 Hitch and Snubber Kit
Crown Hitch
Our Price: $135.00
Dana 60 Draw Bar Kit
Our Price: $259.00
1 1/4" thick crown style hitch with NTPA legal 5/8" bolt hole. Comes with Grade 8 5/8" hardware to attach to hitch.

*Hitch bracket assembly with hitch adjuster sold separately

Our Dana 60 Draw Bar Kit comes with a hitch plate designed specifically for a Dana 60, a 20" mild steel draw bar, a hitch adjuster with all the hardware, grade 8 bolts, AN washers, lock washers and machined bushings (not shown in picture)

We are happy to introduce our newest Hitch assembly for the mini rod pullers. This is a complete kit to install a Dana 60 into a tubular (can be adapted to a wedge) chassis. The kit comes complete with all the parts and hardware shown in the main photo. This unit locates the front of the housing side to side and up and down. The wishbone assembly allows the hitch to transfer it's load right into the frame rails. All parts are made in USA from American steel!
Dana 60 with hitch and snubber rail
What we have developed is the most comprehensive Dana 60 for the pulling classes using them. We start with a brand new S60 housing from Strange. We then add our laser cut mounting plates that fit into all Wisong wedge chassis, Advanced Chassis Pro and Sportsman Chassis