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Rockwell 106 Driveshaft Enclosure Rockwell 106 Driveshaft Enclosure

These are direct bolt on driveshaft enclosures for the Rockwell 106 Rearend. Simply pull the pinion support bolts and install the cage. Slide the "can" up your driveshaft, hook up the u-joint and reinstall the can. Saving your butt has never been easier. We make these right here in Antwerp Ohio. We also make enclosures for custom applications.

You've already broken the u-joint, stop the carnage there. Keep your shaft spinning harmlessly in a circle not flailing around tearing everything in sight up.

Our Price: $199.00
HD Tractor and Truck Puller Tie Rod Kit HD Tractor and Truck Puller Tie Rod Kit

Our new heavy duty tie rod kit is designed for larger pulling vehicles including tractors and pulling trucks. Included in this kit are male and female rod ends, chromoly tubes with welded ends and threaded inserts, and all hardware needed for mounting. Tubes are 1 1/2" .120 chromoly, utilizing a 3/4" thread rod end and all Grade 8 hardware.

Our Price: $350.00
Modern AC 9" Planetary Rear End Modern AC 9" Planetary Rear End

Introducing our new 9" planetary rear end designed for some high horsepower tractor pulling, and other applications too! This rear end has been produced to take the stress of high torque off the drivetrain, and distribute it out through the planetary and to the ground. These housings are designed by Advanced Chassis and the rest of the rear end has been developed through AC and Modern Machine.

Included in this rear end are:
Tig welded housing
Advanced Chassis mounting brackets
Hitch and hitch adjuster assembly
Moser center section (this center section has the most internal webbing)
Brake rotors
Optional: brake calipers

Our Price: $16,500.00