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Brake Pedal Assembly - Kit - Car Dash mount brake pedal assembly Brake Pedal & Master cylinder mounting kit
New and improved brake pedal assembly. This is an easy to install, down hanging brake pedal assembly. It comes with the anti-pull out stop built in, two ratio holes, 3/8" female rodend, grade 8 hardware, and large cross section bushing to ride in. Can be used for clutches also.
We have revised our dash mount brake pedal assembly. This new design is long enough to trim to fit to your application. Time is money, and the best way to save time is to make things easier. This master cylinder/brake pedal mounting kit does just that. Simply drill a hole in your firewall to support the tube with a couple tacks, run your bracing under the dash. Slide your pedal over the tube to the correct location and weld on. Since the pushrod is always centered you can swivel the pedal in any direction to fit odd applications or even upside down. This is made to fit a Mopar style master cylinder.