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RCI Universal Sportsman Engine Diaper Advanced Chassis Parachute Mount Kit
SFI 7.2
Universal application for Small and Big Blocks, Chevrolet, Ford, and Mopars.
One thing we've done in the last 28 years in this business is mount a lot of parachutes. This unit here is what we consider the best way to mount a single non assisted chute.

With our design the handle is already mounted with the cable anchor installed. Our positive stop handle design makes sure you don't over pull your chute cable, damaging your cable and popping the end off the cable when you push it back through. These work well on back half cars, as well as full chassis builds.

This unit comes fully TIG welded with all American produced chromolly, and is made right here in Ohio by the best fabricators in the business. The hardware is grade 8 or stainless, and the unit comes fully assembled.

We are also direct with all major chute manufacturers to supply all of your needs.