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Parachute Cable Pro Werks Silver Jacket Clip Type Parachute Release Handle Single Parachute With Chrome Moly Center Mount Kit
Parachute Release Handle
Our Price: $99.99

Our SILVER JACKET Premium 33 series chute cable has a clip type mount with a 10-32 NF threaded rod on one end and an exposed 0.075 " solid wire on the other end. This allows it to be easily cut to the desired length. The housing measures .343" diameter.

To determine the proper length for your application, measure the cable length by using a flexible rule to snake through the actual intended cable route.

Two sizes are available to choose from. Final overall length may be altered by cutting the exposed wire end if required.

Order by overall length ( tip to tip ).

Silver Jacket cables are proudly made in the USA.

Advanced Chassis Parachute handle assembly includes a laser cut aluminum handle and is ready to be mounted into your car.

Can be installed as a permanent structure or as a removable handle.

Kit includes:
1 - Laser cut handle
1 - chromoloy mounting rod with handle mount tabs and cable bracket welded on.
1 - rod end for the end of your cable
1 - cable spacer
1 - hardware to mount cable to handle
1 - stamped clamp and hardware to be used to attach cable to cable bracket
1 - adel clamp and hardware
1 - chromoly with hardware for making mount removable.

Some welding required.

This kit will accept all brands of chutes and launchers. This kit comes with everything you need to mount a single chute to your car. Welding is required.


1- Center Mounting Plate out of ChromeMoly

1- Chute Lanyard Mount with Hardware

2- 500 Grip Pit Pins

2- 1/2" x 6" x .058" ChromeMoly Tubing

2- 3/8" x 12" x .058" ChromeMoly Tubing

2- 3/8" x 16" x .058" ChromeMoly Tubing

2- 1/2" Mounting Cups

4- 10-32 bolts, nuts and washers

Parachute Mount Removable Single Ratcheting Chute Launcher Stroud Super Comp Chute
Ratcheting Chute Launcher
Our Price: $350.00
Stroud Super Comp Chute
Our Price: $390.00
Advanced Chassis Removable Parachute mount is designed with the racer in mind. Remove 1 bolt and you can remove your parachute from the car.

1 - Fully welded Parachute mount with built in lanyard spacer and hardware for attaching parachute. Built in chute cable holder.
1 - 12" piece of chromoly (parachute mount slides into chromoly)
2 - 12" pieces of 3/4" chromoly for bracing
1 - Hardware kit

Some welding required

If you have ever had to wind up a Stroud spring launcher system, you know how difficult it can be. We have invented this new system that makes spring launched parachute packing a breeze! Just ratchet your way down, put the pin in and remove the socket and go back to racing. Each unit comes with its own socket gear so all you have to do is swap out the guts from your current launcher.

Check out our video on our ratcheting chute launcher!

Stroud drag parachutes have over three decades of research and development refinement and are designed to open softly, pull straight, and stop your car quickly and reliably. They are designed so that they can be repacked by one person in approximately 5 minutes. Cable kit sold separately completes the chute assembly.
Dual Parachute Mount Removable Parachute Kit Complete Single Removable Simpson Skyjacker Parachute
Introducing our all new removable dual parachute mount! Based off our long standing removable single chute mounts, we have had numerous customers looking for the same simple design but for their cars that have and/or are needing two parachutes. We incorporated a little bit of our rod style dual chute mount with the easy to remove single mount. All made of chromoly and tig welded, these mounts are the most compact way of installing dual parachutes on your car. Complete single parachute kit. Everything you will need to mount your parachute, including the handle assembly and cable (not pictured).
Comes with material to mount into your car plus bracing so that mount is completely removable. Also comes with sleeve for handle so that the handle assembly can be removable also. Parachute sold separately.

Kit includes:
1 - Fully welded chromoly single parachute mount with chromoly laser cut center
1 - Aluminum lanyard spacer w/hardware
1 - Laser cut aluminum parachute release handle
1 - Cable tab with cable clamp and hardware
1 - Mounting rod with brackets to mount handle
1 - Hardware kit to attach handle to mounting rod
1 - Hardware kit for attaching cable to handle (rodend, spacer, bolt and nut)
1 - 180" silver jacket parachute cable

Some welding required.

Simpson Parachutes have kept race cars out of the sand for decades. Simpson's Sky Jacker handmade crossform design have a 10-foot canopy drag chute, that extends 12 ft. from the car and is designed to work on most drag cars up to 200 mph. Complete chutes come with a black nylon pack, 12 inch black pilot chute and choice of Black, Blue or Red Chute Canopy.

Parachute accessories sold separately.